Tamale Hut Café Writers Group meeting for August

With the lack of an open mic night at the Tamale Hut in July, and the July meeting having been so early in the month, it seems to me like it’s been an awful long time since we last got together. I think other people might feel the same, because we already have seven pieces for August, and the meeting is two weeks away at the time of this writing! But I’m not complaining, mind you. The more the merrier!

The next THC Writers Group meeting will be Saturday, August 12th, at the Tamale Hut Café, starting at 2PM. If you can attend, we’d love to see you there. If you would like to submit a piece for critique during the meeting please send it to thcwritersgroup@gmail.com, along with an idea of the level of feedback you are looking for, and I will distribute it to the group. If you have something you would like feedback on but you can’t attend the meeting, I’d be glad to forward it to the group as well. We can discuss it at the meeting and get some comments back to you via e-mail.

I hope to see you all on the 12th for the Writers Group, and on the 26th for the August Reading Series night.

For those of you attending, you should have already received the following pieces:
Christian – Red Light Part 1.docx, Red Light Part 2.docx
Michelle – Chapter 5.doc
Brian – Packed off Tamale Hut group.docx
Matt H – hare and the beavers.docx
Bob N – New Orleans Idea.docx
Matt B – Barnstormers chapter 6.docx, Singing, Verse One.docx
Marianne – THC All Last Night the Singing.docx
Cary – Frozen Daiquiris.docx, Audition, The.docx
Lisa – Limbs.docx