Tamale Hut Café Writers Group meeting for April

Spring is here!  According to the calendar, anyway.  True to form, we had one day where the high temperature was barely above freezing, and two days later we were in the 80s, and that was followed by two days of cold rain.  Hey, at least we didn’t have any snow, and the days are getting longer!  All this unpredictable  weather, plus the fact that we’re now a third of the way through 2017, means that it’s the perfect time to sit at your desk and see how you’re doing towards hitting your writing goals for the year.  Need some more motivation to get rolling?  I have a suggestion.

The next THC Writers Group meeting will be Saturday, April 8th, at the Tamale Hut Café, starting at 2PM.  If you can attend, we’d love to see you there.  If you would like to submit a piece for critique during the meeting, please reply to this message and attach it, along with an idea of the level of feedback you are looking for, and I will distribute it to the group.  If you have something you would like feedback on but you can’t attend the meeting, I’d be glad to forward it to the group as well.  We can discuss it at the meeting and get some comments back to you via e-mail.

So come join us and get back on track for 2017.  I hope to see you all on the 8th for the Writers Group, and on the 22th for the April Reading Series night.

For those of you attending, you should have already received the following pieces:
Marianne – The Ball Collector Chpt 3.docx
Matt B – Barnstormers ch.2.rtf
Lisa – Roses.docx
Cary – Character Sketch Questions (Steve,  Ellie).docx
Michelle – Chapter 4 paragraph.docx


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