Tamale Hut Café Writers Group meeting for September

It’s almost Labor Day and the kids are all going back to school, so you know what that means, don’t you?  They’ll have homework to do!  With any luck, it’ll keep them out of your hair long enough to get some of your own writing done.  Keep those creative juices flowing!

I want to include a quick note about our “The News and its impact” project that we’re working on, and remind all of you that the Writers Group is the feature for the October Reading Series night.  The date for that is October 22nd, and we’ll be discussing the event at the September meeting, along with (hopefully) looking at a few more stories written to the theme.

The next THC Writers Group meeting will be Saturday, September 10th, at the Tamale Hut Café, starting at 2PM.  If you can attend, we’d love to see you there.  If you would like to submit a piece for critique during the meeting, please send it to thcwritersgroup@gmail.com, along with an idea of the level of feedback you are looking for, and I will distribute it to the group.  If you have something you would like feedback on but you can’t attend the meeting, I’d be glad to forward it to the group as well.  We can discuss it at the meeting and get some comments back to you via e-mail.

Last week, I received a Comic-Con report from Salvador, and he asked me to forward it:
Hi all,

I want to share an experience that I had last Sunday, Aug. 21. Noemi and I went to the annual Comic Con/Wizard World event that took place at the Rosemont convention center.

I had a certain motivation to go after reading Matt’s “Stalking Stan Dixon” story. Noemi and I had been at Comic Con before; however, not since 2010. Of course there were plenty of comic book booth offering everything from mainstream to rare comic books. Since I am not a comic book aficionado, we skipped over these booths, but there was plenty more to see.

Although there were plenty of cos-players, the predominant character was Harley Quinn. I later found out that they had a Harley Quinn lookalike contest, winner take $5,000. Other characters were varied, including Ghostbusters, Superman, Spiderman, Alliance fighters (Star Wars), Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Dr. Who, Dragon Ball characters, and a bunch others that I did not recognize. Ages varied from stroller passengers to mature adults, plus two dogs, one dressed as Capt. America and the other as Wonder Woman.

There were various book authors. I managed to talk to three of these authors. Due to lack of time, the conversations were brief. Their genres were varied, ranging from gay romance to werewolves and zombies.

The first author was Francois le Foutre and was dressed in medieval French attire, reminiscent of something I would see in a Three Musketeers movie. He greeted me by saying “bonjour”. His book was a thin stapled binding and was titled “There’s Seaman on the Poop Deck!” He explained that this was a gay pirate romance. Unfortunately, I did not spend too much time with him, as time was short and we had a long way to go.

The second author was Matt Cubberly. He was promoting and selling a children’s book called Charlotte, Wander On. This is a story of a little girl that sets off on a quest in a forest, followed by these ominous creatures. The book was beautifully illustrated. I noticed that one of the first pages said “Made in China”, so I asked him about it. It turns out that he was looking for just the right printer and made a trip to China to interview different printers before settling on one of them.

I really dropped the ball on the third author. I thought I had taken information about him and his books, but again the rush to move on caused me to trip (figuratively, not literally). I don’t recall his name or the titles of his books, but I am looking for them and will follow up if I locate them. He had several and concentrated on horror stories. He had one dealing with zombies and another about a werewolf. He made a point in mentioning that these were genuine horror stories, not the cutesy type characters of modern literature (he pointed a finger at Twilight). He self-published his books using Create Space.

Another booth that caught my eye featured the author of a Web comic called Domino Chronicles. This middle aged gentleman had originally thought of making a video game out of his character, but after encountering some difficulty decided to instead create a Web comic. Overall, the Web comic is about a teenager (maybe a tween) who must help save Earth after an extraterrestrial invasion. I need to mention that both the author and character are Black because this was an important point for him. He mentioned that he believed that a young African American was needed as a main character because there were hardly any Black super heroes. He gave me a card with his Website and asked me to have a look and provide feedback. His Web comic is available at the Web site.




Best, Salvador

Hope to see you all on the 10th for the Writers Group, and on the 24th for the September Reading Series night, when THC regular Chris Krazmus will be the featured reader.

For those of you attending, you should have already received the following pieces:
Matt B – Tylenol.rtf
Cary – Fame Liquor Love.docx


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