Details of the Tamale Hut Café 2015 Short Story Contest!

As mentioned in the recap of the May, 2015 meeting, the submissions period for the Tamale Hut Cafe 2015 Short Story Contest is now open, and they now have a web site at the link above that you can check out for more information.   Basically, they are looking for complete stories of 3000 words or less, and it doesn’t matter what genre you work in.  You only have to submit your story through the contest’s Submittable page by July 10, 2015, and you must be available to attend the Tamale Hut Cafe Reading Series night in November to present your work and receive your prize.  Did I mention there are cash prizes?

DISCLAIMER: The Tamale Hut Cafe Writers Group has nothing to do with the contest other than to promote it, as we do the Reading Series events, and to encourage our members to submit some of their best work.  We only have one meeting scheduled between now and the deadline for submissions, so if you want feedback on your story before submitting it, send us an e-mail at to get on the mailing list, and plan to attend the June 13 meeting at the Tamale Hut Cafe.

Good luck!


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